The Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program. Details
Published by Sterling Cooley on March 3rd, 2023
The Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program

We offer a range of services to assist folks who want to go deeper into the world of Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

Our Flagship service is known online as the "Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program."

Launched in 2018 by Sterling Cooley, we initially set out to offer at-home solutions to people dealing with a range of obvious autonomic dysfunctions.

Our primary clients from our very first multi-scale batch came from all walks of life.

Among the first 20 clients we worked with in our first batch in the early months of 2018 were Karla, Bernie, Mia, Brad, and many others.

Our results for each were nothing short of incredible, from our perspective, as well as their perspective.

We have assembled a collection of Testimonials as well, those can be checked out here on a separate testimonials page:
Early Results From The Beginning of the Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program

Let's start with one key point first:

When the Vagus Nerve is Stimulated succesfully, there is no limit to how good you can feel.

This really means what it sounds like.

No matter how down on your luck you might find yourself, no matter what loss, or grief, or heaviness you might feel right now in this moment, you always have a Vagus Nerve that is primed to burst with activity and make you feel whole again.

This wholeness, or oneness with yourself is the most freeing and transcendent feeling known to mankind.

These states of consciousness that are written about in ancient books and passed down from generation in oral storytelling traditions all speak about metaphors of a Stimulated Vagus Nerve.

At the root of many dysfunctions of the mind & body connection is a disconnection from the Vagus Nerve.

We want to thank the Sponsor of this Podcast.

The Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program!

Through the VNS&R Program, we have been able to extend a powerful and helping the Vagus Nerves all across the planet.

Through a powerful, and revolutionary combination of biochemical and neurostimulation protocols that work in tandem, we have created a Program that is so powerful it has made a difference for people suffering from mold toxicity, gastrointestinal distress, chronic fatigue, depression, and an overwhelming sense of despair upon waking each morning.

Life is just too good to be missing another day, struggling with these problems.

We encourage you to join the Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program today!

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Sterling Cooley

Through his Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program, Sterling has been able to give hope and meaning back to many who felt completely relegated to the trash heaps of history. His work is truly inspired, in that he really lives his work, and is relentless about finding new and novel approaches to fighting auto-immune disorders through Vagus Nerve related stimulation modalities.
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