Getting Started - So You Just Heard About Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Now What? Start Here First!
Written by Sterling Cooley on July 19th 2019
Welcome to the world of Vagus Nerve Stimulation!

If you're like most people, right now you're feeling a mix of excitement, and a bit of confusion.

Don't worry! This is a natural response to encountering this vast trove of information, and incredible resources.

So, I decided to create this page as a landing point for many who just want to know where to begin.
Step One - Breathing

Nothing helps someone identify just how dysfunctional their Vagus Nerve can be than doing a very simple breathing exercise that directly works on your Vagus Nerve.

The breathing exercise can be done in under ten minutes, and you should watch the video, right here, right now.
Wasn't that amazing?

Now, you will want to keep reading, so you know what you should be doing next!

Step Two - Water

Believe it or not, most people are severely dehydrated, and they become irritable, tired, and sick because of it.

Why? Well, because your entire body needs water to move important bundles of molecules around, some are simple sugars that fuel cellular activity.

Your Vagus Nerve regulates so many important parts of your internal organs, that without water, it doesn't even matter if you have a healthy Vagus Nerve, you're still going to be starving your body of crucial components in water if you're dehydrated.

We encourage you to drink between 32-64oz of water each morning, every single day.
Step Three - Sleep Tracking

Just as many people that are dehydrated are also sleep deprived. It's almost a crisis around the world, just how sleep deprived we actually are.

You will find that nothing causes internal organ damage, and eventually failure, than a lack of 8 hours of sleep, on average.

Your Vagus Nerve works day and night, so night time is the best time to let your freshly hydrated Vagus Nerve continue to repair the rest of your body.

We personally recommend using a FitBit or an Apple iWatch to track your sleep.

The absolute best system around is the Apple iWatch paired with the App called "AutoSleep" - $2.99 - this App will automatically track your sleep. All you have to do is put the watch on before bed, and go to sleep.

In the morning you will wake up with a full summary of your sleep time, quality, deepness, and your readiness score for the day ahead.

This one step alone can be a massive Game Changer for you in your journey to get awesome health improvements.
Step Four - Supplementation

The Vagus Nerve needs fuel in order to work at its best.

However, many who do the breathing exercises, or drink water, may be missing an essential element for the Vagus Nerve to work properly.

The best supplement you can be taking is Choline, this is the precursor to Acetylcholine, which helps the body reduce inflammation.

It can be grabbed here with One Day delivery from Amazong Prime, I highly recommend this to start with, and it costs next to nothing.
For a full list of the recommended supplements to grab to start healing your Vagus Nerve, please head over to the other blog post where I list the top things you can take that directly impact the health of your Vagus Nerve.

Step Five - Community

Nothing helps someone with Vagus Nerve issues more than surrounding yourself with a community of like minded people.

This is why I created the Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Facebook group.

It's completely free to join, you just need to request to join, and following approval, you will be granted access to a treasure trove of the latest information, and cooperation with an extraordinary community of others who share your interest and passion for the Vagus Nerve.

Step Six - The Free Guidebook!

We have listed out the 7 Top Exercises that you can start doing immediately to increase your Vagus Nerve Tone, meaning you can improve the function of your Vagus Nerve using these straightforward exercises.

What makes this guide different from everything else on the internet, is that these methods are thoroughly tested and vetted to improve Vagal Tone. 

We want to make sure that for each minute you put into any of these exercises that you're going to see a 5X - 10X return on your time investment.

This means, if you put 10 minutes into doing any of these exercises you should expect at least one solid hour of sustained, productive, and uplifting energy to be yours that day.

There are many exercises, but not all of them can give you these types of returns.

Grab the Guidebook now, click the button below to grab your copy today!

Wether you're healthy, or in need of some TLC, the Vagus Nerve is definitely a place you would be wise to pay attention to.

Many are seeing extraordinary benefits from stimulating their own Vagus Nerve with one or more of the steps listed above.

We look forward to seeing you in the group soon!

Sterling Cooley

Through his Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program, Sterling has been able to give hope and meaning back to many who felt completely relegated to the trash heaps of history. His work is truly inspired, in that he really lives his work, and is relentless about finding new and novel approaches to fighting auto-immune disorders through Vagus Nerve related stimulation modalities.
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