What Are the Benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation?
Written by Sterling Cooley on July 27th 2019
While it's entirely possible to focus too much attention on the things that can wrong when the Vagus Nerve is not working very well, that's an important part of the learning process for many who just have no clue.

However, in the spirit of balance, I want to share what the benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation can be.

What Type of Stimulation?

I first want to clarify what I mean by saying, "Stimulation."

By stimulation I mean any form of direct stimulation on top of the Vagus Nerve. This could be from a surgically implanted Vagus Nerve Stimulator, or it could be from something that is a non-invasive hand-held device. Either utilizing high-frequency vibration or electrical stimulation.

What Do You Mean by Benefits?

Benefits refer to anything that is relieving, taking away an unpleasant sensation or symptom, and/or producing an unintended outcome that the subject appreciates and is helped by.

These will be from both an objective (blood tests, scientific body measurements, etc) ranging all the way to subjective (self-reported, short term, or long term reports, etc.)

Benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Improved mood
Loss of anxiety
Weight loss
Better social skills
Lowered insulin resistance
Normalized blood sugar levels
Decreased pain
Improvement in cognitive function & ability
Better memory
Elimination of insomnia
Improved sleep
More vivid dreams
Massive reduction in tinnitus ringing
More vocal melody when speaking
Less monotonous speaking style
More meditative & mindful thinking style
Reduction in stress
More salivation
Better digestion
Relaxed facial expression
Reduction in facial tension
Reduction of TMJ pain
Increased hopefulness
Better reaction to stressful events
Decreased circulating TNF inflammatory cytokines
Reduction in sugar cravings
Better executive & problem solving ability
Deeper breathing
More variable heart rate
Stronger muscle tone
Decreased musculoskeletal weakness
Reduced neck & shoulder pain
Increased focus
Increase in BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)
Increased growth in hippocampus and memory processing centers
Reduced fear
Increased confidence in self
Enhanced future projection & visualization ability
Reduction in negative self talk
Increased sexual function
Increase in sexual desire, and libido
Reduction in anti-depressant caused erectile dysfunction
Increase in female sexual function
Normalization of female period cycle
Reduction in some symptoms of PMS

And the list can go on, and on.


Many reading this will immediately ask, "Where are your citations!"

That is an excellent initial reaction, I deeply appreciate that I have so many astute and scientifically minded readers.

The reality is this, if you see a particular benefit that is listed, there may or may not be a citation associated with it. I mean a citation, as in a scientific published paper vouching for such a claim.

If you do find one you are exceptionally curious about, I invite you do the following.

Search in Google "Vagus Nerve" + "increased sexual function" [Insert whatever term you are personally interested in]

And see what you find!


The Vagus Nerve is an exceptionally interconnected semi-organ. I say "Semi-Organ" because it's so large, it practically acts as if it's a second brain, instead it's a distributed brain, which travels throughout your torso and neck.

It shouldn't come as a surprise any longer that this semi-organ, when stimulated, can produce so many different types of responses in the human body.

One would have a hard time avoiding the intervening thoughts asking, "Why hasn't the medical community embraced the Vagus Nerve more? Are they benefiting from it not being more widely known?"

But those are just intruding thoughts, and those of us who stimulate our Vagus Nerve on a daily basis don't need or pay much attention to wandering thoughts.


Sterling Cooley

Through his Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair Program, Sterling has been able to give hope and meaning back to many who felt completely relegated to the trash heaps of history. His work is truly inspired, in that he really lives his work, and is relentless about finding new and novel approaches to fighting auto-immune disorders through Vagus Nerve related stimulation modalities.

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